Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting is a way for Excel 2010 to format a cell based on its value. It allows you to highlight different values, it is useful when you want something to stand out in your spreadsheet. For example, you have a list of people who have and have not been on vacation and you wish to highlight those who HAVE been on vacation. Firstly highlight the cells you wish to format, this will be the data. Now, go to the Styles Function within the Home Tab and select ‘Conditional Formatting’, it looks like this: When the drop down menu appears, hover over ‘Highlight Cell Rules’ now select ‘Equal To’. A box like this will appear:

Type in the word ‘YES’ and select OK. Your spreadsheet will appear like this:

Excel has understood that you wanted to highlight the words which are equal to (the same as) yes.

You are able to do this with numbers as well, this video helps to explain more:

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